Word Horde February 2020
ISBN 978-1939905567 print & electronic formats

She Walks Into the Sea
working title, projected completion August 2021
projected completion March 2022

The Year of Curses
working title, projected completion March 2023


Shout Kill Revel Repeat
Journalstone / Trepidatio December 2019
ISBN 9781950305094 print & electronic formats


first published in Innsmouth Magazine #14
Innsmouth Free Press 2013
ISBN 9780991675999 print & electronic formats
reprinted in Resonator: New Lovecraftian Tales From Beyond
Martian Migraine Press 2015 ISBN 9781-927673-07-2
reprinted in Pseudopod Episode 455 (audio podcast) September 11 2015

Perfect Ten
first published in Fossil Lake 2 (anthology)
Sabledrake Enterprises 2015
ISBN 9780984403264 print & electronic formats

The Abraxas Protocol
first published in Flesh Like Smoke (anthology)
April Moon Books 2015
ISBN 9780993718045 print & electronic formats

I Cannot Begin To Tell You
first published in Broken Worlds (anthology)
A Murder of Storytellers 2015
ISBN 9781311692085 print & electronic formats

Assemblage Point
first published in Cthulhu Fhtagn! (anthology)
Word Horde 2015
ISBN 9781939905130 print & electronic formats

The Transition of Toby the Twitch
first published in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #62

first published in Eternal Frankenstein (anthology)
Word Horde 2016
ISBN 9781939905239 TPB, HC, and electronic formats

The Amnesiac’s Lament
first published in Weirdbook #33
Wildside Press 2016
ISBN 9781479424214

Last Stand at Cougar Annie’s
first published in Lackington’s Magazine #13 (electronic publication)
Winter 2017

The Spike
first published in The Children of Gla’aki
Dark Regions Press 2017
ISBN 9781626411944

Shout / Kill / Revel / Repeat
first published in Return of the Old Ones (anthology)
Dark Regions Press 2017
ISBN 9781626411913

Worse Than Demons
first published in Tales from a Talking Board (anthology)
Word Horde 2017
ISBN 9781939905130

Baphomet Descendant
first published in Transmissions from Punktown (anthology)
Dark Regions Press 2018
ISBN 9781727757361

Ready Flayer One
first published in Forbidden Futures magazine #2
ISBN 9781732212404

The Steeplechase
first published in Welcome to Miskatonic University (anthology)
Broken Eye Books 2019
ISBN 9781940372235

The Dankness Over Dylath-Leen
to be published in New Maps of Dream
PS Publishing 2021


When The Stars Are Right: Towards An Authentic R’lyehian Spirituality
Martian Migraine Press 2014
ISBN 9780987992888 print & electronic formats


R’LYEH SUTRA (limited edition chapbook)
Martian Migraine Press 2011

Warning from the Future
Broken City Magazine #10 “The Future” 2012 electronic format only

Haiku (3) — Cthulhu Haiku 2
Popcorn Horror Volume 5 2013
ISBN 9781494342401 print & electronic formats